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Supermoto suspension revalve

Each fork can be fine-tuned to meet the special requirements of each individual customer; Open Cartridge technology, well-established in racing Needles to say I did not send my suspension back to "Superplush" as I have come to believe, they haven't done the testing necessary to alter 2014 - 2016, 690 enduro suspension in a safe way. MX Super-X Arena-X Enduro Desert Supermoto Freestyle Shock Work to be Performed: Revalve Shock Rebuild Shock Fork Work to be Performed: Revalve Forks Rebuild Forks Comments/Complaints with Current Suspension: External Settings: Forks: C R level visc. We strive to give you the best product possible, through testing and experience. MPE's revalve services includes a complete suspension disassembly, cleaning,  BMW Shock Absorber. Race Tech has been fortunate to work with some of the countries' top Supermoto athletes like: Micky Dymond, Darryl Atkins, Benny Carlson, Dustin Hoffman and  MPE has a vast knowledge of Dirt Track and Supermotard suspension setups. Pro-Action Suspension is your complete solution to all motocross suspension and off-road suspension needs, and we have locations worldwide! Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level and type of riding. Purchase the Race Tech Kawasaki ZX1000A 86-87 Gold Valve Cartridge Fork Emulators from SportbikeTrackGear. Ohlins USA technicians are highly trained and provide maintenance of Ohlins suspension products. The digital valving tool is good but tends to be on the soft side. Honestly it didnt seem to make too much of a difference. Skyler Howes Wins 4 USRA Races When it comes to Utah desert racing, Skyler Howes is the man. If you're a little more picky or still don't think the suspension is good even with the heavy springs, then look into getting a revalve setup to your specific weight and riding style. Fork Service Kit. Category. Oct 27, 2017 · There is a wholesale exodus of racers away from Showa SSF and Kayaba PSF air forks. $199. Get the lowest price, free shipping deal, easy exchanges and no restocking fees - Guaranteed! Revalve Steering Damper* Rebuild Steering Damper* *Fluids not included-Parts not included (springs, seals, bushings, etc) If Optional Springs are recommended: YES it is OK to change Fork and/or Shock Springs Suspension Revalve | Pro- Action Rocky Mountain When Pro-Action Re-valves your suspension, We provide custom setup and suspension services for motocross, minis, off-road, enduro, supermoto, and trail riding. Motocross, Supercross, Enduro and Supermoto all have different damping requirements. Yamaha WR250R stock suspension has been set up in a typical trail bike style with a very soft in the front and stiffer rear shock. Whether you require a basic suspension set-up for the road or a full race kit for the track, FTR can help you. We're now offering same day suspension services for customers that make an appointment! With a short notice you can bring your suspension to the FCR Office at 4700 Oglebay Drive, Wheeling, WV. At XRS Only, you will find everything that you need for dirt bike maintenance and performance, including top accessories. I ordered the shock through RMR Suspensions with the optional 10. There are many common misconceptions, stories and unfound truths surrounding the term “Revalve”. The new design is a major departure from their controversial 4CS fork. #flowsuspension #suspension #revalve #wpsuspension #showa #kyb #kayaba #motocross #enduro #dirtbike #suspensionservice #beta #dalsoggio #flow #sachs #ktm #exc #wheelie #supermoto #sumo #grenzgänger #haislstyle FTR Suspension. Different terrains such as sand, hard pack and rocks also have their own damping requirements. If you can find a spare shock, have a suspension guru revalve it and/or swap in a stiffer spring. 26003 Wake up your NEW KTM/Husky exc/fe with this performance kit!. It is a complete kit, which was very good, because I don't know much about fork suspension internals. We develop and build motors for MX/SX/AX, Supermoto, Off Road, and Flat Track. Aug 20, 2015 · FIRST LOOK WP's new air-spring fork is already available on European KTM motocross models, and it will likely be introduced in the US on 2017 KTMs. I believe that they have the same performance, as far as look, I personnaly prefert Elka. Monday to Friday 8. Racers Choice does not build " cookie cutter " suspensions, our goal is to personalize your suspension to your riding K-Tech ORSS Spring Conversion Kits - Fast Delivery from the UK's leading motorcycle suspension specialists. Suspension setup is key Ohlins, Pro Pilot Suspension , Ohlins Supplier, Shock Sales, Ohlins Authorized Factory Service, Sales, Parts, Pro Pilot Suspension Ohlins Shocks, Forks Springs, Pro Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, freestyle, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, our products and services will greatly enhance your suspension's performance. 2005 Yamaha WR450F Parts & Accessories at CycleGear. Fork Revalve . My buddy rode my bike and watching him on a couple smaller jumps it looked like the suspension was giving a lot more then what I remember or what I saw on his bike. 25" ID coil spring to OEM shock. 149. and aftermarket suspension. just wanted to see if FBI was still considered the the defacto suspension shop for a revalve/respring for DRZ supermoto's. We’re pleased to work with people far and wide when it comes to tuning the suspension on all types of bikes! Freestyle Supermoto. One of the premiere suspension companies in the country, Litz Racing has years of experience servicing some of the biggest names in our sport. • For Aggressive Motocross, Supercross, and Supermoto. We deal with all forms of suspension tuning inc. 00 Motor wise we’re still stock, loving the tractable power that starts so low and makes traction in ugly terrain. JHS offer competitive quality servicing for many sports and sports touring machines – Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph & Yamaha – we know them well. 21 franchise locations worldwide. The Race Tech G2R Fork Gold Valve Kit was as good as I had hoped it would be. We have all the necessary tools to ensure your bike runs smoothly. Encompassing a 160,000 square foot footprint, Chaparral offers Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Can-Am, Polaris and Kymco atv, motorcycles, and utility vehicles, including a massive selection of aftermarket and OEM parts, both in-store and online. SuperMoto suspension has 3 specific considerations: Maximum traction. A fork revalve customises the damping of the bike to suit your ability, riding style and the terrain your riding on. Get the best deals on Motorcycle Brakes & Suspension Parts for KTM when you shop the largest New Listing 2020 KTM ALPINA TUBELESS SUPERMOTO RIM 16. Over the years technology and Pro-Action have grown together at astonishing rates. EVO Suspension Service Revalve. Chaparral Motorsports is one of the largest motorcycle accessory and vehicle dealerships in the country. We offer suspension and revalve services utilizing Pro Action components. E. 6mm stroke) with an excellent head design and fuel injection to provide high efficiency and an easy revving nature making the bike more capable on the open road than we would have expected. Racers Choice dose not build " cookie cutter " suspensions. Thank you for considering KB5 Engine Mods. While revalving is possible for bike lowering, we prefer not to lower and revalve suspension at the same time. *While we always try our best to list proper pricing online, prices are subject to change. 26 reviews of Sportbike Suspension Tuning "As a petite rider, Dax has helped me dial in my suspension and make adjustments that have made my Ninja 636 more comfortable and perform way better in turns. Richard Wilk of MX1 Suspension has been at the game for decades and has a knack for tuning motocross, off-road and supermoto suspension. Whether it be for the woods, desert, motocross, super cross, arean cross, worcs, supermoto, flat track, hare scrambles, enduro, etc. 💥Reibungstest WP Xplor 48💥 Chromrohre poliert, frische Buchsen, hochwertiges Simmerringfett, das Rezept für eine fein ansprechende Gabel 💪🏽👌 #flowsuspension #suspension #revalve #wpsuspension #showa #kyb #kayaba #motocross #enduro #dirtbike #suspensionservice #beta #dalsoggio #flow #sachs #ktm #exc #wheelie #supermoto #sumo # A revalve should be able to get you in a range where we can fine tune for conditions with the clickers. At that time Keystone and White Brothers were the only two major players engaged in the modification of stock suspension components. We have essentially fully redesigned the suspension for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro from the ground up - stretching the font travel to 300mm and increasing overall fluid volume, then replace the internal cartridge with a Dal Soggio Sphere unit, a comprehensive KM3 level Revalve, with Kashima coating on the upper tubes and DLC treatment on the fork Shock Revalve– $160. JP Speed; providing custom MX suspension and bike setup. KTM Suspension Lowering Kit . 30 to 17. How can we tell? Virtually every suspension company is offering conversion kits to turn air forks back into coil 2 We will collect all of your information and explain the benefits, details and pricing of your suspension service, as well as determine which FC facility will be serving you. We work on a full line of products including WP, KYB, Showa, Sachs, and many more. com MRD/SSW full exhaust system, 3x3 air box mod, Suspension revalve by Fast Bike 8074 new and used Crf 250 Honda motorcycles for sale at smartcycleguide.   WP ditched the forward-thinking design for one that is, in many GO RACE SUSPENSION! We have had amazing success with the Yamaha WR250R Suspension system over the years! This is a very good motorcycle, but the stock suspension system is less than desirable. 28 Nov 2018 AMA Pro test rider Cody Johnston tests a Race Tech suspension revalve on our 2018 Yamaha YZ450F test bike in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross  Shocktech is a Motocross Suspension and Motocross Bikes and Parts dealer located in Rotherham, UK. Sep 10, 2014 · Yea i hear ya , though my bikes do look good , i did the suspension along with the bling , riding a 02 450R with stock suspension is sketchy at best , the way it is now , (it took me a few tries to get it where i like it) , it makes my 55 year old broken body feel 35-40 when i ride it , instead of my age plus my injuries , 3 broken backs and a broken neck and arthritis and bursitis , tends to Traxxion Dynamics manufactures and sells the world’s finest suspension components for all styles of pavement-driven motorcycles and mountain bikes! We also provide the world’s finest service for all brands of O. Whether you attend a pro level national drift event or a local SCCA Auto X, most likely at least one participant is utilizing our services or product. 50. This bike is good for big guys in many ways but the suspension does need some attention for it to handle. We specialize in the suspension of Enduro, trail and adventure bikes. Ohlins inserts - I had these and for the same money Dal Soggio or KYB's are much better quality, initial hits are more plush and less expensive to maintain. The KTM 690 Enduro R is one of the most popular off-road adventure-light motorcycles available on the market today. Preload Adjustment & Race Sag. Suspension Adjustment Guide. We can service, rebuild, lower and revalve your suspension. 99. FCR-WV Fork Services for Motocross, Supercross, Offroad, Supermoto, Areancross, FMX, Pit bikes, Mini bikes & Quads. com Stock with full Enzo suspension/revalve. Feb 14, 2015 · All the suspension companies have their good and bad points , so saying so and so is the best is purely speculation and/or their own personal experience with each company , i personally do all my own suspension work so i use and like Race Tech , even if i was not doing my own (and on a budget) i would recommend them , they have excellent Shock Revalve – $160. Hi guys, just wanted to see if FBI was still considered the the defacto suspension shop for a revalve/respring for DRZ supermoto's. I had no idea who GO RACE Suspension was and their outstanding reputation. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more! K-Tech Suspension have central European warehousing dedicated to supplying their international dealer network, a dedicated R&D team who are constantly developing new and innovative product and a training centre to ensure that all partners are fully trained and getting the most from the worlds leading suspension. Motocross, Supercross, Supermoto, Enduro , H&H, Freestyle, Road and Road Race. Would like to try and do it myself. Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level and type of riding. M. Durelle Racing :: Single Shock (Penske, Fox) Revalve [DRP] - Our Revalve service will do everything in the Rebuild description as well as valve the shocks to your bike, weight and your specific application. Does it work better? Before getting on the Race Tech valved suspension I recently tested and spent time on the stock suspension, Enzo, Factory Connection and Pro Circuit re-valved sets. If you do want better suspension, start with heavier springs. Below is yet another instant fork failure with brand new WP suspension. This kit is the adventure proven and suspension dynamometer tested kit for your CRF1000L front suspension. With fifteen years of experience with riders at the track, we can easily understand how to intervene on the suspension at a first look. I am still happy with the Racetech revalve but I will be reassessing when I am chasing tenths of a second. Pro-Action Suspension was founded by George Quay in 1977 under the name Keystone Motocross Works. Obviously, the KTM doesnt have suspension links that can easily be lowered. I bought the bike from Ben Wilkins (Editor of Motorcycle Mechanics) who’d competed in the British Hillclimb Championship with it. Direct Suspension Services has the most comprehensive suspension services available. Lowering services: Apr 27, 2005 · Price out a coil and lighting kit, front and rear suspension revalve and springs, wheels, brakes, handguards, and tires. x 465mm length. Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, you are not getting the most performance out of your suspension unless it is set-up for the type of riding you do. woods, desert, motocross, supercross, arenacross, worcs, supermoto, flat track, hare scrambles, motocross, enduro, etc. Factory Effex Metal Mulisha Shroud / Airbox Graphics Kit Yamaha YZ250F / YZ450F / WR250F / WR450F 2003-2006 I'd recommend sliding the forks down in the triples to be flush with the top of the triples and swap in a stiffer set of fork springs. Known for binding on your shock and impossible to get off without a cutting wheel we think that this is a necessity if you own a 690! Ohlins USA services our products. Pro-Action UK is the British Isles franchise of Pro-Action Suspension USA. Suspension. We take the time to listen, understand your needs and provide you with the right solution to give you the best options at a cost to suit your personal Every revalve starts with a complete rebuild. MOTORREV SUSPENSION TUNING 81 views. Every KB5 modified motor is built around our customers needs, riding ability, and budget. Loading Unsubscribe from Moto Lab LLC? KTM 500 EXC Suspension set-up - Duration: 8:08. The suspension guy is right in that heavier springs will solve the problem for the majority of riders. This is a newly designed Shock Gold Valve Kit for the 46mm KYB and 50mm KYB, Showa and WP shocks which provide better control for the rider. Jul 11, 2013 · I own a 2000 DRZ-400K, and while search for fork tuning information I found that there was a lot of discussion, but not a lot of actual information about setups that people are running. Revalve Basics. Perfectly maintained. The suspension does not come set up specifically for your weight or the type of riding you do. I can touch tip-toe, but would really prefer it a bit lower. Rebuild and custom revalve of the stock shock absorbers Showa, WP and ESA in order to set up the suspension for any need and provide   Commonly used for the vertically challenged, Supermoto, and DTX. I like to call tech support and they are always very helpful. Steve and his staff ensure that your bike will be competitive, reliable and cost-efficient. We start by measuring the components and creating the design parameters by which the manufacturer will follow to produce the springs. All MX-TECH lowering services are fully reversible. When Factory Connection Re-valves your suspension, we personalize your Forks and Shock to your specific skill sets and needs. We offer a variety of racing, touring, sport and dirt bikes from KTM, as well as expert service to keep your bike running in top condition. TWO WHEEL MOTORSPORT is also the headquarters of PRO-ACTION SUSPENSION in Canada. Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, supermoto,  I am not knocking professional suspension builders, but in my area, there aren't enough local Good luck - pm me if you have any questions about the revalve. Starting with the 2008 model year Konflict has developed comprehensive packages and services tailored to the 690 Enduro with off-road use in mind. ) Included in your kit are: Fork and Shock Lowering spacers, 2 Custom Fork Springs and 1 white Shock Spring (to match your weight, with gear), and 1 black shorty Kickstand, to match the lowering length. 26003. As the riding season rapidly approaches, most riders are looking to get their … Feb 07, 2017 · 2017-2018 KTM and Husky suspension lowering Moto Lab LLC. Mine has had heavier fork springs installed with a front revalve. We're now offering same day suspension services for customers that make an appointment! With a short notice you can bring your suspension to FCR of West Virginia, 4700 Oglebay Drive, Wheeling, WV. Preload is how much you’re compressing the spring from it’s normal length with nothing on it. / KTM Suspension / Page 1 of 1. KTM Suspension. The spring design is a collaboration between Factory Connection and the spring manufacturer. Try your hand at thicker oil first. Re-valving is typically a matter of modifying the shim stacks. Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, freestyle, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, our products and services will greatly enhance your suspension's performance. I was thinking about an Elka elite, but the Fox podium also look good. Any thoughts on lowering this beautiful machine? This guarantees smooth action and performance with no long-term issues with wear. Lainer Suspension Racing trusts in the importance of a custom revalve. The Cogent Dynamics kit is a simple and effective way to improve the damping for your Africa Twin forks. Jan 05, 2020 · Honda crf150r shock service revalve and respring set up for mini supermoto. Make your new bike run the way it was intended to. (this is set for your height, weight, skill level and type of riding - motocross, off road, supermoto, freestyle) Complete Race Setup ATV: $1699. Solid Performance KTM is a liscenced KTM dealership in Downingtown, PA. Upgrading to motorcycle race suspension will give an improvement in ride quality and handling as well as the overall stability of the motorcycle. Made in Europe and the USA for Slavens Racing, these KTM, WP motocross fork springs are very high quality with spring rates not available from WP or other manufacturers. Free technical support and easy returns on 10,000 products Excellent product you can revalve your suspension without installing a gold valve but Race Tech gives you a great place to start and makes the revalve for the do it yourselfer much more successful. I bought the kit used with a Factory Connections revalve and that was a huge difference from the stock version I have tested but not what I wanted. Compression: The compression clicker is a low speed adjustment that affects how quickly or freely the suspension compresses. 00 * includes fork revalve with optional valve bodies, fork springs, fork seals, shock revalve with optional valve body, shock spring and shock seal. A revalve should be able to get you in a range where we can fine tune for conditions with the clickers. JHS Racing are Bristol & the South West’s leading independent motorcycle service and dyno engine tuning specialists. 3 We will ship a suspension box to your doorstep, complete with a return label to the Factory Connection facility that has been discussed with you. Compression The compression clicker is a low speed adjustment that affects how quickly or freely the suspension compresses. We start by selecting the correct spring rates to uphold the weight of the motorcycle and rider. This is rough guide on adjusting the suspension of the WR250R. I was going to try a local shop but im worried they dont have experience with the wallowing hippo that is the DRZ so they may not be able to optimize the valve stack for the extra weight of the bike over their usual lighter weight MX based supermoto customers. Suspension Services, Rebuild ,service,Revalve, custom Just got an 07 CRF 150 and I'm wanting to revalve and respring my suspension. Visit our store. At the rear, Gold Valves and Springs. Riders can now upgrade their Harleys with state of the art suspension components that You do not need to revalve the shock to make this spring work ! restricted for Supercross, Supermoto, Road Race, Motocross, Trail, Enduro and Street. Pro-Action takes mass-produced motorcycles and builds custom suspension for them to the specific needs of the owner. By low speed, we mean low shaft speed, or slower movements of the suspension. 5x3. Dear Santa, :D I'm thinking of changing my rear shock because the stock one is way too soft for jumping. FTR Suspension is the premier Motorcycle Suspension centre in the UK. com. (CUSTOM SPRINGS FOR YOUR WEIGHT MAY TAKE UP TO 3 WEEKS TO PROCESS. We spent considerable effort on the suspension having Kreft revalve and spring the fork and shock looking to stiffen it up (it’s very soft and wallowy stock) and fit it with mods that work for our needs. This lowering kit lowers your bike properly, by internally limiting the return travel of the suspension. We started building high performance off-road racing products to fill the needs of local racers back in 1988. Commonly used for the vertically challenged, Supermoto, and DTX. We offer full revalving options for Road, Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto with an individual set-up to suit every rider. Honda crf150r shock service revalve and respring set up for mini supermoto. Before your next ride follow these few simple tips to improve your Mar 07, 2016 · I went off the DIY revalve guide on supermotojunkie. The forks and shock can then be revalved to alter the suspension's action to match the type of riding it will be used for, such as Supercross, Motocross, Woods, Desert, Supermoto, or just all around (a little track, a little trail, whatever). MX1 is already up to speed with the all-new air spring fork and has settings for the coil-less jobs. Whether you want to upgrade or whether you want to replace factory parts, we have everything. Koubalink Lowering Linkage KTM 690 Duke/Supermoto/R 2007-2016 2 Apr 22, 2014 · After a great first season in 2013, Race Tech has returned with support and a new Race Tech Labor Bucks program for the 2014 AMA Supermoto East Coast Pro/AM Championship. The MXA test crew made a series of mods, some that contradicted each other, with the full understanding that Peak horsepower is impressive, but if it takes bouncing off the rev limiter to find it, reliability will be marginal at best. Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Gauge Tool. KTM 690 ENduro R SUSPENSION SOLUTIONS. Available for Dirt, Street, Off-road or Supermoto Fork applications . Book your Yamaha WR250R suspension upgrade Question – who has had good 4CS revalve results from tuners? I had my 450 4CS forks done a few times and they are OK, but for the cost and the time they should be awesome, which they are not. For an older technology bike the suspension on the DRZ400 is fairly respectable. Filter Products. With the help of my owners manual and Race Tech's Gold Vavle Kit, my forks are more fluid and the shims now keep the forks up more in the corners. Revalve $355 (With Springs $500) Includes Labor, Seals, and Oil Includes Labor, Seals, Oil, and Springs  Available for: Enduro – MX – Supermoto – Road – Rally. Based in Chorley Lancashire, RSS is one of the Premier suspension companies in the uk, Founded in 2007 by Mark Rothwell, Our mission is to give you the best suspension options available, in a prompt and proffesional which can be tailored to suit your budget and needs. Find suspension to fit your sport motorcycle. That is where KB5 can help. **This lowering kit Feb 24, 2019 · I briefly looked into this revalve control and came away as not really needed IF your valving is correct in the first place. The suspension comes back and it's a lot better than stock. Using the dyno, we have developed and fine tuned the WR250R suspension settings. You want to set preload to get the correct amount of race sag. Category Supermoto Special sales and promotional items from the dealers that advertise and support KTMtalk. You will never have better invested money in your bike. 19 FE 350 Flow xplor Kit verbaut in der Gabel für mehr Komfort, Durchschlagschutz und Stabilität 👍 💯 Im Dämpfer wurde unser Alu N2 Trennkolben verbaut, Shimsetup in Gabel und Dämpfer angepasst auf Gewicht, Einsatzzweck und Vorlieben des Fahrers. Our goal is to personalize your suspension and taylor it to your riding style and ability. Then the cost was too far out there when compared to other options. Bottoming control. I mention Maxima because according to some of the road racing suspension guys its a bit better quality and the oil weight is accurate to what is printed on the bottle. However, I do know what a good suspension upgrade feels like. 09-11 R1 EIBACH SPRING ADAPTOR, FOR PRELOAD ADJ Adapter allows mounting of 6" 2. 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450. Aprilia RSV4 & Tuono V4 12K Major service plus valve clearances (Price is based on typical V4 requiring clearance adjustment and includes replacement OEM gaskets) Description Fork Springs WP48mm 43mm x 465mm for KTM, WP. After talking to James (the owner of "Superplush") he agreed to give me a refund on labor and a rear spring I returned. Worn parts are replaced, then modifications to the dampening system are done based on your weight, ability, riding style and type of riding you do. Please verify purchase prices prior to payment. I had mine revalved for off-road, Racetech goldvalve and my suspension guy knows my skill/likings very well so this was perfect for me. I am selling my CR500 road legal Supermoto which I've owned since January 2012. is going to run you $900 to $1,200. D. The feel I couldn't get with the shock in stock form I have now after a revalve and a link. May 18, 2017 · We are looking for suggestions to lower the YXZ stock suspension The intended use is to build a tarmac YXZ with the same style as you build a supermoto bike or a superquadder atv to use it on a small tarmac circuit with street tyres and make it less easy for it to go on two wheels or roll over We have been rebuilding, tuning, and supplying motorsport drivers and teams with suspension for Rally, Road Racing, Drag Racing, Drifting, and Off-road racing for years. Jan 14, 2013 · First, it has the best showroom stock suspension and, second, it is bulletproof. 00 ~ $3499. Now 29 years later we have grown, but still have the same philosophy, to ensure that our products will stand up to the high demands of the top level racers around the world and the average riders alike. 14,120 likes · 116 talking about this. After taking the Showa BFRC shock apart and reviewing the design first hand the … MXT 2017 New Products. After talking with you, we can determine whay type of set up you are personally looking for. Add a set of Race-Tech cartridge emulators in the forks and you have a very capable sportbike. I see Slaven sells Dal Soggio 4CS fork modification parts, has anyone use these? Thanks for your input. Jan 12, 2011 · My 2007 KTM 450EXC is a bit too tall for my 29 legs. We strive to provide the optimum suspension upgrade available to each customer within his or her Jan 23, 2013 · Howdy folks! My 630 has 5K on it and after an extended day on the trails yesterday I felt like the suspensions gotten soft, seems to bottom out easier then before. But any preferences here A quality Billet Shock Collar to replace that defective one on your KTM 690. Motor wise, real feel seat of the pants feel. G2-R Gold Valves can be preloaded (digressive), freeloaded and/ or restricted (progressive). Dr Shox are a independent suspension service and tuning centre for MTB and Motorcycles in Essex, East Anglia, we also run Enduro Bootcamps MX - Supermoto - Street Jul 08, 2019 · You can have the best suspension in the world but if you don't maintain it or understand how it works it's not worth much. . short description For those who can't budget for Works Suspension, there still numerous options available to greatly improve your  Pit Bike Parts, Tyres, engines, wheels, brakes, stator, Lifan, YX140, wiring. Page 2 of 4 - New to ski-doo suspension question - posted in REV-XP / XS Chassis - Performance Trail 120-129 Inch Models: If the shocks comes back ok Ill have to look into that. Any descent suspension upgrade like Ohlins, Wilbers, etc. KTM Bags & Luggage. On The Track: Let’s get to the reason why you are reading this. Some humor Keep it real people, you may be one of the lucky ones! The Honda XR650R is an old school popular bike here in Australia and over the years Teknik Motorsports and perfected the performance and modifications on both the forks and rear shocks. After a dead last start, Devan came through the entire Pro field saying his suspension was the difference. Below is the suspected culprit, a "quad ring" failure, but WP isn't saying and nobody knows for sure. My experience with suzuki has been great as far as reliability goes. 7 kg spring and had them revalve it for the stiffer spring. 00* For Motocross, Offroad, Trial, Hillclimb, Supermoto, and Street applications Motoworx utilizes Race Tech G3-LD Gold Valves. Once one of these categories is chosen, Pro-Action then designs a system that specifically fits the individual for height, weight, type of riding, class of competition, normal finishing position, and years of experience. I was going . We then alter your components to suit the terrain in which you ride " MX, SX, Arena-X, Woods, Supermoto, Free style ". Everything here translates to the WR250X, except for noted items. KTM Suspension Springs – 43mm O. A crf450 costs $6,899 and the parts you need to make it into something supermoto-raceable will cost you around $3,000 (never mind getting it lighted and registered). If you are a paid advertiser at KTMtalk or a dealer that has supported KTMtalk by donating gifts to special events, feel free to "spam away" in this section. Count on Complete Race Setup Motorcycle: $775. from 198. Quite simply, a lighter shim stack = softer. 17. I'm 185 without gear and was wanting to see if Anyone had done a revalve. I have to admit I don't understand all the inter workings of a suspension and what is really entailed. Forks: Service $245 (With Springs $390) or. KTM 950 SM- 2007 Work undertaken Ride in, ride out suspension service Feedback After ringing up 2 days prior with a general enquiry about the service, I was offered an appointment at the soonest possible opportunity. 09-11 R1 EIBACH SPRING ADAPTOR, FOR PRELOAD ADJ. After you complete and send the form to the right you still have some work to do. 13 new and used Dr 600 Supermoto motorcycles for sale at smartcycleguide. From the initial phone call; our staff of experienced professionals will ask you a battery of questions, designed to initiate the responses to tailor the suspension to you. Yet knowing how your suspension works and what effect the various adjustments have will help you Pro-Action uses many categories of shock and fork valving: Motocross, Supercross,Freestyle, Desert, Supermoto, and Off-Road. At TW Suspension Tech we take pride in providing you with high performance suspension products and services tailored to suit your personal requirments, your bike, its application and your budget. While revalving is possible for bike lowering, we prefer not to lower and revalve suspension  Steering head and swing arm bearings: I know, super basic, but if they are loose or worn, your suspension will never feel good, so humor me, and check them. Products 1 - 6 of 6 Flat Track Shock Service - Wheels Parts & Accessories Suspension Our Revalve service will do everything in the Rebuild description as  We offer full revalving options for Road, Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto with an individual set-up to suit every rider. Sent the suspension out and had everything revalved and sprung for my weight and added a link. Oct 27, 2015 · Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Konflict Suspension KTM 990 Re-valve & Extend to R Spec. Subscribe. This one came right out of the bike from the above photo taken 10/20/16. set to C R level visc. Suspension Department. Apr 19, 2011 · Nine times out of ten they revalve it and change the oil so the bike is a bit more plush on the small stuff (because stock MX valving beats the living daylights out of you on the small stuff in order to have enough big hit capability) but not bottom on the big landings. On 2-wheeled vehicles, shock absorbers are separated into the categories of the "front fork" and "rear cushion". Gold valve installation requires rebuild of forks ($65) and shock ($65) Suspension tuned for rider's weight, ability and rider application One on one tuning on site available! Exchange Program – Shock springs purchased from Slavens Racing may be installed, checked for correct sag measurements and exchanged for a different rate if the measurements are not correct. Kit includes: fuel tuner, airboot (Husky) that replaces the ridiculous reed valve oem unit, slip on fmf muffler, and torque wing. Thanks May 15, 2015 · Second is MUPO suspension have 25mm cartridges and monoshock with ride high adjustment available both individually and as a full kit for 1,990 EURO. The in house TM connecting rod is incredibly durable - coupled with the strongest, most durable clutch and transmission in the class taken from TM ‘s 125cc Revalve $149 per set Labor Only,  Parts and fluid not included Every revalve starts with a complete rebuild, we alter your components to suit the terrain in which you ride, " MX, SX, Arena-X, Woods, Supermoto, Free style ". That’s where we can help. Motion Pro Deluxe Suspension Bearing Service Tool. Cogent Dynamics provide both suspension servicing as well as custom manufactured products for your bike that are engineered and built in the USA.   WP ditched the forward-thinking design for one that is, in many Durelle Racing :: Fork Rebuild, Revalve, Extend Travel & Set Preload [DRP] - Our Revalve service will do everything in the Rebuild description as well as valve the forks to your bike, weight and your specific application. I got a question for those of you who have a had Ohlins suspension come as a factory option on your bikes. revalve Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level and type of riding. Full Factory Offroad LLC was created to supply affordable services catered to the offroad racer and rider. 00 Saturday and Sunday closed FCR-WV Shock Services for Motocross, Supercross, Offroad, Supermoto, Areancross, FMX, Pit bikes, Mini bikes & Quads. However it is sprung and set up for a midweight rider, not all the additional weight that comes with adventure riding such as extra fuel, water, tools, cooking gear, sleeping gear etc. Ive dug into my forks and made some changes, so I wanted to post the information up here in hopes that people m Dec 21, 2017 · • For Aggressive Motocross, Supercross, and Supermoto. For heavy guys like myself, you'd most likely be looking at a respring and revalve for your weight. At Factory Connection, the term “Revalve” means the modifying of the suspension component to improve the performance to better suit the riders skill set and needs. The front fork: Front fork serves as rigidity component just like a frame. The tuner also noted that the oil level in the fork was reduced as it was about twice the volume needed. com for the CRF450. Book your Honda XR650R in for an suspension upgrade today - we offer Jul 20, 2011 · Ride Engineering YZ450F Lowering Link Review - Dirt Rider Magazine. The AT-1 kit includes two new replacement fork base valves to completely revalve your forks in a straightforward pre-assembled kit. I’m about 200lbs and well over 6 foot tall. Excellent product you can revalve your suspension without installing a gold valve but Race Tech gives you a great place to start and makes the revalve for the do it yourselfer much more successful. rear shock revalve The rear shock is completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. UPSHIFT ONLINE 49,038 views. Over many years, riders of all types have relied on Cogent Dynamics for reliable servicing, rebuilding and revalve/tuning of their motorcycle suspensions for almost any bike that exists. The Yamaha WR250R is a fantastic multiuse 250cc motorcycle which was designed from the ground up as a Dual-Sport bike. Lower the back and front of your KTM exc or xc-w suspension by 32mm Also fits Husqvarna and Husabergs. Jan 25, 2017 · Off-Road Suspension : Getting the perfect Set-Up… As motorcycles get more and more complex, it’s easy to think that the science behind the suspension on your bike is almost too much to understand. We have tested our specifications and settings extensively to create the safest and most dependent setups for motocross, offroad, endurocross, supermoto, and even snow biking. It was like a suspension revalve in a lot of ways, but we really like the stock setup of the YZ-F to begin with Shock Absorbers consists of spring which determine posture and cushioning buffer action and a damper which suppresses vibration. We deal with all forms Service's Call us to discuss your needs (540) 504-7498 . Suspension Matters | Tech Tips At Suspension Matters we use our motorcycle trade and Race Tech qualifications to professionally setup modern dirt bikes. We have been offering motorcycle suspension, snowmobile suspension, MX suspension, and ATV suspension modifications, fork revalve, fork rebuild, shock revalve, shock rebuild, suspension oil changes and suspension service since 1991. We have a proven solution with very happy customers from all over the world! Yamaha WR250R. Pitch control – this means controlling excessive front to back movement (which really is a geometry consideration). The problem remains that stock suspension comes with a general setting to work adequately for anyone who may purchase a motorcycle, from the 280lb trail rider, to the 150lb freestyle rider doing back flips. Springs that have been ridden, damaged or scuffed will not be accepted for exchange or return. The 100 comes Podium Ready out of the crate with big wheels, 100cc engine, and tons of power! The TM100 has works suspension components stock that still uses a proven spring fork package. The WR250r uses an oversquare design (77mm bore x 53. Moto Lab offers KTM, Husqvarna Dirt Bike Suspension Setup, Tuning, and Lowering Service that gives you the best riding experience. These shocks are a work of art and limited production so if you plan to upgrade your suspension I would get on the phone with RMR suspension ASAP or you might find yourself waiting for another limited production run. Codham Little Park Farm, Codham Park Drive, Beazley End CM7 5JQ Braintree. Revalve Forks Rebuild Fork Pro-Action Suspension UK. Up front this means G2-R Gold Valves, Rebound Gold Valves and proper Springs. With full workshop facilities FTR can also  Hi guys,. The vast majority of original equipment motorcycle fork internals are produced to a strict cost limit which ultimately compromises on overall quality. supermoto suspension revalve