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Spreader beam sizes

Adds stability to lift. • Flexibility within lengths and loads / reusable. The Spreader Beam from the BIL Series is designed for different usage. Single Girder Bridge Beam Chart For Manual and Powered Chain Hoists A36 or A572/A992 Steel . Model 420 The positions of the hooks on this spreader beam are adjustable to accommodate different load lengths. C. I suggest you find a Structural Engineer to do this for you. Request A Quote Home > Products > Spreader Beam 10,000 lb. Available in a variety of capacities and sizes to match your needs. Can be supplied with optional chain top A rigid beam with 2 attachment lugs spaced evenly on top of the bar that distribute the weight of a load and connect to a crane, hoist or lifting machine. . Model 415 A spreader beam with plate hooks to engage a shaft or mandrel, used primarily for handling paper rolls. Wide range of sizes and capacities available on request. Available with standard chain or wire rope rigging. Modulift Standard Spreader Beam Range up to 100t. MAX. OX Worldwide offers you a complete modular range of spreader beam that allow you to assembly one or many spreader beams from 1 to 34 meters with a capacity of 2 to 1350 tons of load. Spreader beams available in sizes ranging from 2 to 300T. Versatile economy spreader beam is ideal for lifting a variety of loads where headroom is limited. A Modulift Spreader Beam can be easily adapted using one of our specially designed Additional Modulift Components; these adaptations enable your Spreader Beam to be used in various ways over a number of lifts, maximizing its use and providing a cost effective heavy lifting solution. Available in a range of capacities up to 10 Tonnes and can be extended in length from 2. in my 2JAN11 post above. HR Headroom (in). As well as economical benefits, the Cone Adaptors or Step-Down … Free domestic shipping for online orders over $500 800-733-2231. By this means, the beam can be easily disassembled if necessary by simply unhooking the radial support Apr 10, 2014 · A Spreader Beam Electro Permanent Magnetic System is the most efficient and cost- effective way for lifting various sizes of MS sheets, plates etc. Adjustable spreader beam that provide a versatile solution for handling many different sized loads, ideal for outdoor applications. Home → American Standard I-Beam Dimensions Rated at 7 1/2 tons - this spreader beam can lift loads such as engine cabs (2 required). Model Number. These hooks are available in various sizes, designs and other specifications to suit the variegated requirements of the clients. Our Modulift system allows us to configure the exact spreader lengths and capacities, allowing us to so meet your specific spreader bar rental requirements. 20 and OSHA regulations. The capacities range from 9 tons at 20 feet span using Mod 24 spreaders to 187 tons at 26 feet span using Mod 110H spreaders. This Spreader Beam is designed for use by both Crane and Forklift. PRODUCT FEATURES: Ideal where headroom is not limited. Optional swivel hooks Dimensions in inches, unless otherwise specified. Model numbers shown in red  24 May 2019 Lifting and spreader beams (AKA spreader bars) are below-the-hook weight distribution, such as long lengths of steel, bundles of raw steel,  Fuentes externas (español → inglés)(ES → EN). fabricates is the Liftmax® Spreader Bar. The underside of the spreader bar usually has 2 or more attachment points from which the load is suspended. 8. Spreader Beam – Glass: 10,000 lb. Load v Span Chart - Modulift Spreader Beam Heavy Range. Lifting beams and spreader beams come in many sizes, styles and capacities. 20. Fixed Width Spreader Beams - Economy Capacity: 0. You can also use the Wood Beam Calculator from the American Wood Council website to determine maximum rafter and joist lengths. Shop Grainger today for spreader beams and other lifting equipment that can help you lift large items  See some examples of lifting beams and spreader beams we at Fyns Kran Udstyr have made for our customers. I'm trying to determine what radius of gyration I should be using as the spreader beam is extended and half has an r of 1. Capacity SKU The crane typically lifts from a single point, so you use a spreader beam to split the cranes line of force into two diagonal forces, attached to the ends of the spreader beam. These are available in wide range of sizes and capacities. We are a prominent organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a gamut of Lifting Tackles & Spreader Beam. Telescopic spread standard. Dimensions   Items 1 - 24 of 29 Its standard features include the main spreader bar 250 mm wider than core bar length, a set of two drop chains 762mm long with shackles and 2  29 Sep 2017 They can also be designed in fixed dimensions or can be engineered to allow for incremental adjustment of the sling angle, and the length of the  Fast and Economically priced Tandemloc Quality Custom Spreader Beams. to 72 in. "Bull Horn" style hooks set on top of a lifting beam, helping to reduce the overall headroom required for this type of lifting beam. The unique capabilities of the Modular system add to it's benefits through easier and more  LIFTING AND SPREADER BEAMS Bail Adjustment. Over 30,000 companies and individuals rely on our 30w spreader spotlight beam angle 25 manua 01074 container handling crane manufactur pt hwk indonesia farl exigence levage spreader beams mod50 spreader beam 50tonne 2mtr to 13mtr container handling crane … Spreader Beams vs Lifting Beams. This spreader beam transports large paper rolls in a major paper mill. Adjustable Spreader Beam (ASB32) . What size shackle do I need? What  19 Sep 2018 DNV GL Type Approved Lifting/. The data table below lists the basic standard, fixed position, spreader beam offering. Weight (lbs. M30 - FIXED SPREADER BEAM SPECIFICATIONS. They can Spreader beams i sling inc spreader beam ox worldwide capacity of h style adjule spreader beam mod34 spreader beam 34tonne 2mtr to lifting beams and spreaders Spreader Beams Vs Lifting … This is a fixed length spreader beam that provides an economical solution, ideal for lifting in out door applications. 12. Receive immediate price quotes and shipment in 5-7 work  Many translated example sentences containing "spreader beam" – Spanish- English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. 5m - 32m. Product Images. This is a fixed length spreader beam that provides an economical solution, ideal for lifting in out door applications. Of course, the slings and the spreader beam should be set up in the first place so they are equal in length and angles and so the beam is level. Hooks are at a fixed location. Painted safety yellow for increased visibility. rams horn hooks. Length of beam 2. The sizes range from 2 to 5,000t with spans available from 0. As a lifting beam, the upper lift point can be easily adjusted to lift an off center load. Spreader bars are normally made out of pipe and have top and bottom lifting points on opposing ends. *Price includes beam and two swivel hooks. Spreader Bars Lifting Beam Sales -- find Used and New Spreader Bars Lifting Beams for Sale and Rent amongst extensive inventory listings on CraneNetwork. Pros. b) Sizes. Every spreader beam reference I can find deals with a single section. ) Other. Build your own spreader beam Designed to work with a range of shackle sizes, both top and bottom Use with A53 Grade B, schedule 40 pipe between the fittings Pipe is readily available from most steel service centers (must be straight within 1/4" end-to-end) Use Grade 5 Hex Head Cap screws to attach end fittings to beam (see full instructions for complete assembly guidelines, which are Modulift offer a wide range of Modular Spreader Beam components, offering a variety of different spans for all your lifting needs. Fixed and Adjustable Width. Modulift Modular Spreader Beams provide the ideal solution for most lifting requirements - versatile and cost-effective, the Spreader Beam range has capacity from 2 to 5000t with spans up to 100m/330'. and load capacities of ¼ tons up to 20 tons. Because of the potential number of options available all of our lifting beams and spreader beams are designed and manufactured individual to our customer’s requirements / specification and can be made from carbon steel painted or power coated, from stainless steel or from high strength lightweight aluminium. Spreader for distributing load of a lift across more than one point and to increase stability during hoisting Extensive range of sizes available. Our standard lifting and spreader beams are cost effective and easy to use. #1 ONLINE STORE FOR CHAIN, WIRE ROPE, SLINGS, ALL RIGGING GEAR, FITTINGS, AND MORE!CERTIFED CHAIN SLINGSGrade 120 Chain Slings Grade 100 Chain SlingsGrade 80 Chain Slings Grade 120 ChainMade in Europe Grade 100 ChainMade in the USA Grade 80 ChainMade in the USAGrade 70 ChainMade in the USAGrade 43 ChainMade in the USA Grade 30 ChainMade in the USAGeneral Use Chain Welded & WeldlessPowder For example, the Invicta Roll / Liner Lifting Spreader Beam 1700 kg Capacity is a 1. To better serve you, we also offer spreader beam rentals for 2 through 100 tons and up to 40 feet in length. A wide range of sizes, dimensions, capacities and configurations are available upon request. It has adjustable and fixed lifting points. 24. com, a Toolwell Company PICTURE SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL TOP RIGGING Manufactured to exceed all ASME B30. We also carry telescopic adjustable length bars up to 30,000 lbs. Portable: A Spreader Beam that is dismantled can be transported easily – the maximum length struts are usually under 6 metres (20ft). capacity; Can be used 20,000 times before it needs to be replaced For use with glass case sizes up to 130 For finding deflection of beam you need to know following parameters 1. com spreader for your application can make all the difference which is why the family of Lanco Litter Spreaders includes six standard sizes ranging from 355 cubic foot capacity to 578 cubic foot capacity. Spreader Beams Designed to direct load to top rigging and hooks, requires a greater amount of headroom than a lifting beam. Can be configured as an optional three or four point lifting system. CAPACITY IN TONS (O. Jan 24, 2016 · A Spreader Beam Permanent Magnetic System is the most efficient and cost-effective way for lifting & transporting various sizes of MS sheets, plates etc. Vestil Bail for Adjustable Spreader Beam (Not Yet Rated - New) Only $ 129. Versatile: One Spreader Beam  Choose Between Fixed and Adjustable Length Spreader Beams Spreader beams are designed to add stability to your lift, plain and simple. They are suspended by a crane from two slings and normally have two to four bottom slings attached for rigging to the load. 16. An adjustable spreader beam is a lifting beams designed for lifting uneven loads and enabling them to stay level. The trunnion spreader will initially be launched in four sizes—MOD110, MOD250, MOD400 and MOD600—covering a range of capacities from 110t to 1,000t. Designed to work with a range of shackle sizes, both top and bottom. It can handle wide loads. We have a range of spreader beams available to book and hire online at Speedy. The unit's center clevis may be adjusted in 2 in. Capacity HR Headroom (in. The HSCSB spreader beam attachment stretches from 2800mm to a maximum width of 4000mm. – Reduced size and weight, that eases and reduces transportation,  The chart below highlights sizes available from 50 to 130 tons. Spreader Beams. Weight of Spreader Beam, 93kg Total Beam Length, 3m. This style of lifter is utilized with upper rigging spread between two lift points that adds extra stability to the lift ; This spreader beam should be utilized where headroom is not limited and comes standard with a pair of swivel hooks I hate to say it, but this is too complex for a simple answer here. , a leading supplier of Spreader Beam in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 5 meters to 6 meters. Bail Dimensions (in) Beam length extends from 10' to 22'. BS 2853:1957 specifies the minimum requirements for the design and testing of fixed overhead runway beams made from rolled sections of steel. The crane / excavator slung spreader beam is an ideal attachment for construction use with the lifting and laying of rolls and liners as used on landfill sites, man-made ponds and bankings for example. in increments of 2 in. Choose the Safe Working Load rating and Beam Length (defined as 'A '  20Ft ISO Container Lifting Spreader Beam (Modular) stocked by Lifting Equipment Store. CE marked and certified to all global industry standards. We have a variety of beams in stock that are ready for immediate shipment. (tons). The term 'significantly', however, means different things to different people. See program overview. 10,000 lb. 4 metres up to 3. In addition to our current lifting and spreader beam inventory, we also work with leading manufactures and can customize your lifting beam(s) to your Lifting beams, Lifting Frames, Spreader Beams - Experts in the design and manufacture of below the hook lifting equipment to the Offshore, Manufacturing, Construction, Heavy Transport and Breakbulk industries. This style of universal beam can be utilized as a lifting beam where headroom is limited or a spreader beam where extra stability is required. - Reduced size and weight, that eases and reduces  This is a fixed length spreader beam that provides an economical solution, ideal for lifting in out door applications. 9 metres. Spreader beam dimensions can also be produced according  Global Offers A Wide Variety Of Spreader Beams For Lifting Applications. 4# S beam 19 ft between supports with a 4000 lb concentrated load will sag 0. You can review our complete high capacity spreader beam chart, starting at 5 tons, online at  Load v Span Chart - Modulift Spreader Beam Standard Range. This style of spreader beam is telescopic to accommodate various load sizes 2 through 15 ton capacities, adjustable increments at 1 " and 20 through 40 ton  We carry products that range in capacity from 1/4 ton to 20 ton and range in size from 3 feet to 20 feet with the 2 ton adjustable spreader beam as our best-selling   Another advantage of spreader bars to lifting beams is a spreader bar is easily made adjustable in length to accommodate a range of lift spreads. com. Two pick points gives much more balance than one pick point, and often times a spreader beam is the right device to use for your lift whether you realize it or not. Buy Transworld Manufacturing Adjustable Spreader Bar Spreader Bars (Lifting Beams) Crane Part for Sale in Las Vegas Nevada on CraneNetwork. The Company was incorporated in 1976 and is registered with IndiaMART. • A variety of panel sizes are available. SPREADER BEAM. Type of loads on beam 3. capacity be sized according to material dimensions; For use with glass case sizes up to 130” x 204”; MADE IN THE USA! Spreader Beam is Ideal where headroom is limited. Unique modular spreader beam in 6 thoughtfully planned sizes from 50 Tonne to 400 Tonne that permits variable length to suit the load requirement, with no possibility of incorrect assembly. Available with Adjust-A-Leg® adjustment (minimum lifting capacity will be approximately 10-15% of beam rating). 20 standards. The hook-end of the A7 tie fits over the beam flange and is tack welded on the underside of the beam flange. 150 tonne lifting beam used for lifting full rope reels TrenchTech's spreader sets are available in a wide variety of combinations for any size and type of shield. Shackle Size (tons). Additional sizes and capacities are available. Dec 28, 2018 · The most common type of steel beam used in construction is the I-beam, which is also known as an H-beam or W-beam. Manufacturer of material handling equipment including the spreader beam. About 27% of these are material handling equipment parts, 23% are other material handling equipment. 20-2013, but this doesn't deal with the design of spreader beams. Corner Posts, Spreader Posts, Panels, Spreader Beams, and Roller Beams. Standard and High Capacity 4 Point Lifting Beam, Capacities and Sizes To Your Specification - Range from 1000kg to 10,000kg - 4 Point Fixed Suspension Points Type Lifting Beam. Available with Adjust-A-Leg® rigging for off center load adjustment (minimum lifting capacity will be approximately 10-15% of beam For glass case sizes up to 130&ampquot x 204&ampquot. It is made of steel and having 3 positions as shown in right figure to hang clamps, which are suitable foe even wider stone sizes. 2. Caldwell Model 30 Fixed Spreader Beam is a Sling Style Spreader Beam that’s ideal where headroom is not limited. Choose a versatile and reliable handling system such as one of our runway beams, which is ideal for glass lifting in particular. Please refer to the table below for load ratings at alternative sling to vertical (STV) angles and beam lengths. Dixon Coil Hook with Pivoting Spreader Beam M7 Spreader Beam M7 is an effecient support tool for maneuvering slabs from one place to another. Lifting beams and spreader bars are some of the most common types of lifting devices, however the difference is often misunderstood. 572" at 15850 PSI. • Multiple modules or single  The modular struts allow for multiple lengths to be configured for a variety of lifts. 12 Coil Lifter. • External walers can be used to eliminate Spreader Beams in applications where clear excavations are This style of spreader beam is telescopic to accommodate various load sizes with adjustable increments at 1". www. Also available in 2-point lift and 4-point lift Designed, tested and certified in accordance DNV Rules for Lifting Appliances and to customers specifications Complete with Lugs and Certified Sling sets with shackles are supplied for each unit – The Spreader beams is designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms. A large civil contractor is responsible for the precast column segments on the project and the spreader beam assembly will be used for this portion of their work. Rigging is NOT included. Fixed Spreader Beams A Spreader Beam for Flexible Lifting Solutions Spreader beams are ideal for lifting needs in environments where there is adequate headroom. Visit us online or call at 0800470370 to SWL - Min Length Length - Min SWL - Max Length Customizable: From custom-length struts, to custom designed Lifting Rigs – our team of experienced engineers are here to help. Wide range of additional sizes and capacities available. TABLE OF BEAM SIZES AND DESIGN DATA (4 FT. Get best price   31 Jul 2019 Lifting beams and spreader bars are are two different devices suited to be extended in either fixed or variable points to lift various load sizes. Modulift Super Heavy Spreader Beam Range up to Lifting Beams are available in many different sizes, capacities and types from Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. Spreader Beam 10,000 lb. The chart below highlights sizes available from 50 to 130 tons. The 150-Tons is no mean lifting feat and being constrained with shackle size and lift point size, you may need multiple connections. Custom Spreader & Lift Beams Part Number Maximum Adjustment “A” Overall Length PRODUCT BROCHURE Superslim The definitive formwork primary beam Components Superslim Soldier Beams SSU10035 Superslim Soldier - Open End 360mm SSX10040 End Plate 10mm Spreader Beam Adaptor SSX10052 Spreader Beam Adaptor SSU10004 Tube - Prop Pivot Used to attach and spread chains in lifting applications - AWL = 30 kN½ per unit AWL of Spreader In 1922 the German physicists Stern (Nobel prize winner 1943 ) and Gerlach, while studying the effect of a non-uniform magnetic field on silver atoms, to verify the quantization of the atomic magnetic moment associated with the angular momentum of electrons, they discovered that a well collimated beam of non-ionized Ag atoms, crossing the space between the polar expansions of a magnet, that is Heavy lifting equipment Ox Worldwide for industrial loads. 11 Modular Spreader Beam (MSB14). A spreader, often called a spreader beam, is actually a strut loaded in compression. All of our… Alibaba. Beam Strength and Deflection Calculator. Types are shackle plate adjustable loose hook, adjustable eye loose hook, scallop locking adjustable, trunnion bale, compression style, four point in-line equalizing, four point H pattern, rigid frame, and load equalizing multi-reeved spreader beams. Custom sizes/ratings available. Heavy duty. Use the span tables below to determine allowable lengths of joists and rafters, based on size and standard design loads. Did you find what you were looking for today? Telescopic, fixed, adjustable, and aluminum spreader beams with varying extension range and WLL range. Model 30 - Fixed Spreader Beams. SHARE. Pollisum Engineering Pte Ltd also offers load testing in different types of lifting application. Build your own spreader beam. Self-powered trolleys, spreader beams, lifting beams, coil cars, C hooks, turning devices. Frequency-controlled ASF 7 wire rope hoists working in synch lift a spreader beam to store and retrieve 50 t  Turn your crane hook into a multiple point lifting tool with a spreader beam or bar. | ID: 4325979073 Check out the deal on spreader Beam - Industrial - Fixed Width- Capacity 0. Beam Lifting Device, Beam Lifting Devices, Lifting Beam, Lifting Beams, Spreader Beam, Spreader Beams, and Fixed Spreader Beams from your complete source for material handling equipment. It can lift pipes/ beams of more than 5 Tons weight and length from 2. If adjustability is required, this style of box spreader beam can be designed with telescopic lengths and/or widths to accommodate various load sizes. The Modulift range of spreader beam assemblies offers a wide range of spans, configurations and capacities to suit your wide and varied lifting needs. A rigid beam hanging from a crane hook and fitted with a number of ropes at different points along its length; employed for such purposes as lifting reinforced   Modulift Spreaders are optimised for weight at every size. Beam Clamps 115 Strut Systems Throat Opening C B D Rod Size A B3033 Reversible Wide Jaw Wedge C-Clamp spacing, headroom, bail sizes and weight are a function of your needs and the working load. See all parts for sale on the Crane Network, a leader in Spreader Bars Lifting Beam Sales. A Spreader Beam PM system fixed spreader beam- the caldwell group This is a fixed length spreader beam that provides an economical solution, ideal for lifting in out door applications. In contrast, designing a lifting beam to be collapsible becomes a much bigger challenge, as the most efficient material shape is an I-beam. Data Sheets. Pick up spacing is provided from 48" to 104". Spread adjusts in 1” increments. Standard Model 30 Spreader beam shown with Option C, Chain Top Rigging. trenchbox arches and spreaders gallery. $. The sleeve structure enables to change its width easily and retract neatly when not in use. ) 4. The spreader beam features range from 8 in. Complies with ASME standards. Arrives equipped for RFID Tracking Chip. BFI SERIES. Model 415 spreader beams are available with capacities from 50 pounds to 80 tons. Modulift load monitoring spreader beams by Active Link. The flexibility of the modular configuration enables our Spreader Beams to be reused time and time Fixed Spreader Beam This is a fixed length spreader beam that provides an economical solution, ideal for lifting in outdoor applications. A wide variety of spreader beam options are available to you, such as free samples. These spreader beams have J-hooks that engage a shaft that has been inserted in the core of the roll. com offers 489 spreader beam products. Fixed Spreader Beams (Model 30) Ideal where headroom is not limited. Thursday, 11 October 2018. All spreaders meet ASTM. Although these beams are smaller over larger distances, additional focusing options can be used to yield even smaller spot sizes. Please contact our sales team at +91 9867071980 or Email us at info@acealloysllp. with ease. Typically, beam divergence specifications are given for the full angular spread of the beam. Two (2) safety swivel hooks and durable powder coat finish. Spread adjusts in 1" increments. Nov 19, 2015 · The trunnions on the ends of the Modulift spreader allows slings to be connected directly to the spreader beam, eliminating the need for a drop link. The sizes range from 2 to 3,000 tonnes with spans available from 0. This versatile Vestil Economy Spreader Beam is ideal for lifting a variety of loads where headroom is limited. Lifting Spreader (Spreader Beam) A spreader, also known as a spread beam as shown in figure 5 can be considered a strut in pure compression and the line of action of the top of the sling and the load suspension point coincide at the neutral axis at the end of the spreader. It is available in various sizes that match the demands of customers. Capacity . Download Data Sheet (pdf) A 10 x 25. The design of a fixed spreader beam utilizes a two-point upper lift with a bridle to provide additional stabilization to the lift in a nonadjustable form. 2. My item 3. Spreader Bars Lifting Beams for sale and rent. BEAM SPACING) BEAM SPAN MATERIAL DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: SPECIFICATIONS: All references to the standard Specifications are to the current edition of the Kentucky Department of Highways Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, with current supplemental specifications. Model 439 A basic spreader beam with safety swivel hooks for use with slings or chains. Picture. This allows telescopic spreader bars to double or triple in length (depending on the number of sections), giving spreader bars many more options for storage, transport, and handling. This style of lifter is utilized with upper rigging spread between four lift points that adds extra stability to the lift. SERIES BFI. Every beam is engineered to be user friendly with the highest standards of safety and durability. 4m / 1’4” - 100m / 300’. This British Standard applies to the runway beams and their components only. 5 Tons - Length 48 inches at Rigging. 5m to over 30m. Purpose: To provide crane bridge beam sizes for Harrington's manual and powered chain hoists used in conjunction with Beam Clamps Reference page 113 for general fitting and standard finish specifications. Provides high stability. Choose Between Fixed and Adjustable Length Spreader Beams Spreader beams are designed to add stability to your lift, plain and simple. Brierley Hose & Handling - Hose Supplies · Brierley Marine - Chandlery · Tas Lifting - Lifting Sales & Servicing · Contact Us Such as the MOD 400/400 Spreader Beams. ) in my last para. Adds stability to lift; Available with standard chain or wire rope rigging; Available with Adjust-A-Leg® off center load adjustment (minimum lifting capacity will be approximately 10-25% of beam rating) Manufacturer of lifting and spreader beams. Standard Lifting Beams. Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Ensure a safe & cost effective lift with the range of Modulift spreader systems we now offer… Product range from 2 - 5000 tonne capacity with spans available up to 100m Adjustable Spreader Beams Available in a wide number of telescoping spans, capacities and configurations, our adjustable spreader beams are ideal for handling loads of varying sizes. Features. The A7 tie is available with any type of spreader washer or plastic cones. 266" at 9190 PSI. Typically a simple lifting beam will have a single lifting eye above the beam which engages with the lifting machine hook and lower lifting eyes at points on the underside of the beam to connect to the load. Due to the  Majestic Cranes - offering Majestic Cranes Container Lifting Spreader Beam, Size/capacity: 40 Tons at Rs 600000/unit in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I-shaped beams are effective at carrying bending and shear weight across their centers. Spreader Beam End Fittings Info. Find out the area moment of inertia (say I) of the selected steel I beam. Our sizes range from 24t to 1000t with spans available from 0. Request a quote. Modulift Heavy Spreader Beam Range up to 1000t. 6. Complies with OSHA and ANSI B30. Selecting your beam Determine the rigging plan and type of beam to be used Select span Select capacity Determine STV (sling to vertical) and consider any headroom Spreader Bar Types 250+ selections of Square and Rectangular Tubing 120+ selections of Pipe and Round Tubing sizes ASME Calculation of capacity check for Spreader Bar, Deflection of Bar due to Self-Weight 2 Endcap styles to choose from Sling Calculations Slings ( eye & eye, Grommet, Polyester Round) Basket and Vertical configuration Draw bending moment diagram for the given loads and you will find the value of maximum bending moments (say M) that the steel I beam is expected to experience. Rotating Spreader Beam. There will be two or more lifting points on the underside of the beam to attach the load to be lifted. The Model 18 - Fixed Twin Basket Sling Lifting Beam is the ideal solutions as a dedicated lifting beam when handling loads with lifting slings in a basket hitch. Our in-stock lifting beams for sale handle a variety of loads such as bars, racks, rolls, cylinders, and machinery. ​Spreader Beam Specs. ) ORDER Spreader beams will typically have top rigging such as 2, 3 or 4 legged bridle sling connections on the top of the beam pick points usually directly over the underside pick points for lifting the load. It’s easy to select the right size I-beam for your project when you know the load, or weight, that you need the I-beam to bear. 10. bullivants. Available in sizes from 2 to 20 ft. Mar 16, 2018 · While BTH-1 is broad in its coverage of design requirements for below-the-hook lifting devices, only portions of the design standard are applicable to spreader bars and lifting beams, in particular beam classification and the structural design requirements. Medium Duty (lift by Forklift or Crane) a) Description. View many more images in the TrenchTech, Inc. Our Crane Spreader Beams are available in a variety of lifting capacities and lengths. Spreader and lifting beams are two popular pieces of lifting equipment. All connected modules, such as the crawler tracks, vibrators, concrete spreader, finishing beam and supersmoother, are driven by the standard hydraulic pump system with mutually independent hydraulic pumps. Many of the smaller sizes have components that are light enough to be handled by one person. Two adjustable safety swivel hooks and shackles are supplied as standard. Safety factor is roughly 4 to1 (36,000 yield - 9200 lb load) well within the 3 to 1 safety factor An 8 x 18. The assembled spreader arms are bent upward by the radial support cords that extend from the outer end to the top of the center post. Because of the single point lift on the top there is a bending moment in the beam which means they tend to be much larger and heavier than an equivalent spreader bar. We have a variety of lifting beams in stock that are ready for immediate shipment and also available in many different sizes, capacities and types or as per the specification given by our customers. These high-strength steel beams can be designed to adjust manually or through the use of a power-driven system to meet the needs of your specific application. This allows lighter beams to be used for spreader beam due to the multiple connection points over the underside of the beam pick points. 2 while the other half has an r of 2. Custom design and off-the-shelf options available. SectionLift have a vast library of standard designs for all types of lifting beams. • Rolling spreader frame permits vertical movement of spreader for greater access and maximum clearance. Bairstow Lifting Products offers lifting beams and spreader bars which are manufactured to guarantee a safe and efficient means of lifting loads with single or multiple attachment points. There will be three upper lifting points and the attachment is finished in Golden Yellow paint finish. Caldwell Spreader Beams new High Capacity Spreader Beam is the solution you need to fill those orders where aquick delivery is required on beams with capacities ranging from 5 to 130 tons. Options: Additional lift points, Higher capacities, Additional lengths, Low  214 products When headroom is limited, use a lifting beam. Beams are made in the USA, machined to exacting tolerances, and proof loaded per OSHA requirements. Safety factor less than 2 to 1 = unsat. They are used in various applications where using conventional lifting slings are   Spreader beams for rams horn hooks; swivel hooks (not rotatable when loaded);. Load tests are come with certificates endorsed by authorized examiner or MOM accredited PE. outside spandrel beam forms to structural steel beams. This spreader beam should be utilized where headroom is not limited. Uniform capacity: 1,000 lbs. increments. In other words a 10 ton spreader bar would be significantly lighter and potentially cheaper than a 10 ton spreader beam. The unique shape of the precast pieces required a specially designed system that would allow adjustments for multiple precast sizes. Spread (feet). M & W Low Headroom, Multiple Length Lifting Beams · See all 122 items in product  Hoist UK has a a selection of lifting and spreader beams available including two point Due to the varied size and weight of the loads, our customer required a  Get rental information on SPREADER BEAMS from Kennards Hire. CFM2439 CRANE/ FORKLIFT SPREADER MED The type CFM-2439 Spreader Beam is a unique multitasking beam which can be used by crane or forklift to lift long loads. Then if an unbalanced load causes the beam to rotate a few degrees, that should be taken care of too. com for all of your lifting and spreader beam needs. Spreader Beams offered by Unicon Technology International (P) Ltd. Manufactured to exceed all OSHA and SPREADER BEAM. Academia. They go by many names and the terminology is useful, but names are trivial compared to the functional distinctions between beams themselves which can come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Spreader & lift beams are designed to 4x the WLL and tested and certi!ed to 2x the WLL. SectionLift provides a wide range of Modular Spreader Beam components, a variety of different spans for all your lifting needs. A7A Spandrel Plate Tie Adjustable lifting points accommodate different load sizes, while the adjustable lifting bail helps to center unbalanced loads. Adjustable Spreader Beams (Model 32) Ideal where headroom is not limited. Manufactured with shackles, but other hardware options are also available upon request. Choose an approximate size of steel I beam from a standard I beam table. Multi-SEC modular spreader beams provide the ideal solution for an array of lifting solutions. 99 $. Complies with ASME Standards. available in a range of capacities up to 100 T based on standard Modulift beam sizes from MOD 70H;. Lifting Beams Lifting beams have a single centred lifting point on the top side of the beam to connect to a crane, hoist or other lifting mechanism. A spreader beam EPM system consists of a This Forklift Spreader beam is another version of beam with adjustable hook at the top, It is used to lift Pipes or beams of different sizes, if you have any trouble lifting heavy horizontal pipes, tubes or beams then this is the solution for all. This tension keeps the spreader arm assembled and tight without the use of pins, glue or other fasteners. Fixed The most common lifting device Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. Complies with ASME  Converts to spreader beam with addition of top rigging. Repairs and modi!cations should be performed only by a quali!ed CMW technician. Two pick points   22 Feb 2019 The Spreader beam is designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms. With our expertise and man power, we can load test like mobile cranes, spreader beams, lifting frames, concrete buckets, various types of lifting gears, etc. Spreader Beam Product Range. 5 - 3 tons (1,000 - 6,000 lbs) View Products » A lifting beam is loaded in bending. There are so many Type & Sizes of beam U Should Specify clearly. These range from simple spreader beams to complex lifting solutions. The Modular Lifting Beam’s system consists of spreaders ranging in size from 3 feet to 80 feet long, in increments of 1 to 2 feet depending on which spreader is used. 15 Tonne Combination Spreader Beam Model HSCSB-15. Capacity and spread configurations are virtually limitless. com -- Your first and final destination for the latest solutions and networking resources in Cranes and Heavy Equipment, over 30,000 companies and individuals rely on our online services to effectively manage their fleet for the sale and rental of cranes Modular Spreader Beams Technical Details. capacity. A beam is any structural member significantly longer than it is wide or deep. 7 tonne general purpose spreader beam complete with chains. Finished with a durable baked-in powder coat toughness. Be the first to review this product I have ASME B30. ALL Spreader Beams shipped with proof load certification paperwork. Pins and keepers included, custom sizes available upon request. Asked in Peerless’ ATSB Adjustable Telescopic Spreader Beam is available from 2 through 40 Ton capacities with outside spreads that adjust from a minimum of 4 to 6 feet to a maximum of 12 to 20 feet. Versatile and cost effective, the range offers a wide variety of spans, configurations and capacities to suit your specific lifting application. Mix and match End Units with struts when long length, yet light weight lifts are. Ask a quote. Key benefits. The A7 is similar to the A3 tie with the exception of the end configuration. Available with Adjust-A-Leg® rigging for off center load adjustment (minimum lifting capacity will be approximately 10-15% of beam rating). These items are discussed in more detail below. edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Using a crane, loads can be lifted via the centre single hook point (as a lifting beam), or end lifted using a 2 leg chain sling (as a spreader beam). spreader beam sizes